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Services Provided

Aloha Nui Mobile Vet care was created to make both pets and owners happy.  We strive to help animals heal as quickly as possible and keep them healthy into the future. While the list below covers many of the services offered, it doesn't include everything!  If you need something that isn't listed, feel free to send an email or call and we will let you know how we can help.
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Wellness exams

We provide routine wellness exams as well as specialized care without the stress and hassle of bringing your pet to the vet.  We’re committed to preventing and treating diseases  and will always do our best to help you give your loving pet the attention and care it needs in the comfort of your own home. 
We don't believe in cookie-cutter medicine or vaccination policies. If your new puppy or cat needs his or her first shots or microchip or if we are adapting vaccination intervals to fit your pets individual needs, we offer customized services vital to giving all pets a long and healthful life.

Pet Dental Care Services

Keep your pet's teeth clean and breath fresh with our convenient and affordable dental care options. Dental care is important to your pets overall health! Luckily you don't have to avoid care due to cost any longer. We provide professional dental services for dogs and cats to help you give your loving pet the attention and care it needs.  While we may not be able to accomodate all patients dental needs in the mobile setting, we ARE able to treat most. We use ultrasonic scalers and perform complete polishing and gum health assessments. Some pets may be able to be treated that same day onsite.  For more complicated cases or situations where parking doesn't allow, our home pet pick-up/delivery option allows for us to perform procedures at our site without you needing to drive your pet! These options give you the flexibility to lead your busy life while keeping your pet up to date on their dental needs.

Contact us about our affordable dental options for your pet because we truly believe that quality care doesn't have to break the bank.

Golden Retriever


Whether your pet has sustained an injury, had recent surgery, or suffers from chronic arthritis, we can provide the supportive care necessary to keep your pet active and comfortable.  
Dr. Kapust is in the final stages of attaining her formal Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practioner certification and can help to create a rehabilitation program suited to your pet's abilities and needs.

Illness visits/Second opinion

While we can not provide 24 hour hospitalization for pets, most illnesses can be managed within the home environment.  If you pet is acting off, we are able to perform lab work and diagnostics to get a thorough assessment of what is happening to your pet.  We make use of sophisticated laboratories to run blood tests and get results back within days. There are even many conditions tha can be detected through the use of equipment that we carry which allows for immediate answers in such cases.  
If your pet has already had many tests run and you simply want a second opinion, we are able to review previous tests and provide a second evaluation and help guide you in the decision making process related to your pet's condition.


Surgical Services

Even healthy pets can get into trouble but don't worry! Basic lacerations and wounds can be treated in the comfort of your own home.  Additionally, tumors and lumps can be biopsied or removed. Because of the nature of mobile business, there are some procedures that we are unable to perform safely in the home/mobile environment. In this situation, we will refer you to a trusted practice to ensure your pet gets proper care.

Grooming for "uncooperative pets" and basic grooming for all pets!

Do you want your dog or cat to get a haircut but groomers have told you they get too stresed or try to bite? We can administer a sedative as light or heavy as needed and then provide basic grooming services. While we are not professional groomers, we can make a pet look pretty darn good.  In order to bathe a pet while sedated, access to a tub or sink within the property will be required. Additional grooming services for all pets include sanitary clipping, nail trims, ear plucking and anal gland expression. We are unable to perform stand alone grooming/nail trims etc. without a concurrent exam.

Canine Hairdresser
Black Dog

Behavoiral assessments

Is your cat acting like a lion? Is your dog being aggressive or destructive? There is nothing better than an in home assessment to allow for a complete evaluation of factors relating to your pet's behavioral issues.  In many cases, minor alterations to the household can lead to a drastic improvement in behavior. For the more difficult cases, we can work together to tackle the problems utilizing both medication and training techniques.

Health Certificates

Are you and your pet are planning a one way trip to the mainland or are you wanting to travel to Asia and back without any quarantine issues? We can help.  We are well versed at the nuances of international health certificates and we are able to make the process as stress free as possible.

Plane in the Sky
Lazy Dog

Hospice Care & In-Home Euthanasia

As pets age or get ill, pain is an often overlooked component in managing their illness.  We can build a pain managment plan designed to target your pet's underlying condition in order to maximize their quality of life.  When the time comes to help relieve a beloved pet of their suffering, we are able to provide in home euthanasia as well as coordinate with the crematorium if desired. Our goal is to make this difficult time as calm and pain-free for both pets and their families.

Custom Pet Diets

Occasionally pets need special dietary care, to improve their overall health and happiness. Custom pet diets can be designed to make sure your pet gets to live the happy and healthy life they deserve.

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