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When it is time to say goodbye....

When it comes time to make the terribly difficult decision to say goodbye to your pet Aloha Nui Vet is able to assist in every step of the way.  Dr. Kapust is able to come to your home to make the transition as easy for the entire family as possible. The process involves an initial shot of a sedation medication selected specifically for your pet after doing an initial assessment and evaluating their demeanor and anxiety/pain.  This first shot takes about 10 minutes to take effect and is then followed by the main euthanasia medication, an overdose of a sedation medication. This injection leads to breathing slowing and stopping of the heart within a minute of the injection for most pets. Most people are surprised by the peacefulness of the pet as they pass.

From the moment Dr. Kapust arrives she will work to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. These visits are scheduled to ensure that there is no rushed feel-there will be plenty of time to answer any questions and make the visit as smooth as it can be. Aloha Nui Vet works directly with a crematorium and is able to provide transport to the crematorium and, if desired, return of your pets ashes. Depending on your location, Dr. Kapust can often accommodate same day or next day appointments. 

Image by Enzo Tommasi
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