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Commonly Asked Questions

More About What We Do

Why should I use a mobile veterinarian?

By avoiding the stress and anxiety to both you and your pet that is involved with physically going to the doctor’s office, by bringing veterinary care to your home, we can evaluate your pet’s true ‘picture of health’.

  • No pet carriers required

  • No unpleasant car rides with howling passengers

  • No tangled leashes in the parking lot

  • No barking dogs in the waiting room

  • No racing heart rates or panicked panting

  • No exposure to sick or other contagious animals

  • No hair-raising or fur flying experiences while waiting in the exam room

How much does a house call cost?

Within the Hawaii Kai area (Kawaihai St to Queens Gate) there is NO additional housecall fee in addition to the physical examination fee.  Areas beyond Hawaii Kai will be charged a $60 base house call fee + a milage charge of $6.5 per mile for any calls beyond 8 miles. For services in the windward area, please contact for pricing.  
The house call fee is a SINGLE fee, no matter how many animals we are seeing at your house. If you and a neighbor or neighbors schedule back to back appointments you may even split the travel fee!
You will find that our additional fees for exams, vaccinations or testing are similar to or lower than local clinics.
Please note that the house call fee will be charged (or $60 for Hawaii Kai residents) even if the pet is ‘missing’ at the appointment time or the appointment was forgotten by you and we are unable to examine your pet.
We are happy to provide you an estimate prior to your appointment.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please have any prior medical history or previous vaccination records available at the time of the appointment. 

Cats and dogs should be in a safe area where they are easily accessible. It is very important to isolate your cat in a small room or easily accessible area with minimal furniture.

Upon arrival, Dr. Kapust will call or text the designated adult that will be present in order to alert them to her arrival.  Doing this prevents the need to knock or ring a doorbell which can often create stress or excitement in some pets. Once inside, Dr. Kapust will spend some time talking with you and allow the pet to become comfortable in her presence. When it comes time for the phyical exam, Dr. Kapust can usually perform all the required procedures without any assistance. Dr. Kapust does not routinely employ the help of a technician to help keep costs low to you.  Should procedures need to be performed that require some extra help, Dr. Kapust may require the brief aid of an adult to assist in holding your pet.  Should you believe that you will be unable to help, we may need to proceed with sedation or reschedule the appoint for a time where Dr. Kapust can bring a technician for the appointment.  If you know that your pet is aggressive, please inform Dr. Kapust prior to the appointment so that you may discuss options with her.

If you cannot catch your cat prior to your appointment, please call us before we are on our way. If we have to reschedule and are already at your home or in transit, you will still be charged the house call fee or $60 for appointments within Hawaii Kai.

Medical records are all electronic and a summary of the visit as well as an invoice summary will be provided to you via email.

How do I prepare for a surgical or dental appointment?

If you have scheduled an appointment for a possible dental or surgical procedure, your pet should not be fed or offered water for the 12 hours prior to the procedure.  If Dr. Kapust has not previously examined your pet, she will evaluate your pets health and decide if your pet is a candidate for surgery/dental.  Some pets may be required to have preanesthetic blood tests or be on a course of antibiotics before procedures, and some patients may be too high-risk to proceed with anesthesia in a mobile setting because of heart murmurs etc.

What forms of payment are accepted and are there any payment plans available?

Aloha Nui Mobile Vet Care requires payment at the time of services. We accept cash and personal checks. For a small service charge, we will also accept ALL major US credit cards. We are unable to offer delayed billing or payment plans.
A $50 fee will be charged for any personal checks that are returned.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We need at least a 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment, otherwise, you will still be charged the house call fee of $60 plus the amount of miles required to access your location as this impacts how long has been blocked in the schedule for your visit. 

What is your vehicle? Where are pets seen?

We have large black Suburban to carry the equiptment to allow on-site setup for procedures as needed.
Appointments and physical examinations are performed inside the house either on the floor or on a table, whatever makes your pet the most comfortable! Some pets can even be seen outdoors provided that it is in a secure fenced yard or enclosed area.

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